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Carlo Carusi

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I started my career spinning records in the 80's In 1989 after finishing High School, landed a job on radio the very same day I auditioned for the position. (Lucky me) Two years later I became the anchor voice of one of the major radio networks in town "FM Center" They owned three FM frequency's in the city at the time. (I worked for all three of them) La Romántica 88.9 FM, Hot 94.1 FM & Fiesta 106.5 FM I've also worked for other Radio Stations, (Circuito X, Imagen 88.1, Supernova 103.9) to mention a few. Later things got more exiting, when I wound up on TV. I was the Official Host of a Saturday Live Weekly Show named : Frecuencia Latina, that aired on National TV Network Venezolana de Televisión. In 2002 I relocated to Fort Lauderdale. I've worked as anchor voice of TV Networks, (MGM Latin America) Advertising Agencies, (Leo Burnett, J Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson,) and Independent Producers.

This is my Sound

Voice Branding, Dialogue, Narration, Promos, Straight Announcer Commercials, Impersonaions


Some of the Brands I've Voiced For

Gloria Estefan




Astra Zeneca


Miami Seaquarium

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